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We cover what insurance and warranties don't

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Spend little now, to save big later with

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Home Maintenance Program Tennessee

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We have your home covered with Home Maintenance Program of Tennessee

What is a Home Maintenance Program?

Its a program that provides confidence that when items break down, your protected. You don't pay for the appliance or system repair or replacement nor do you have the stress of finding a qualified contractor. We take the expense and the stress out of dealing with those high cost items

Why do I need One?

No matter how careful we are, home systems and appliance unexpectedly break down. With HMP Tennessee you no longer have to worry when something goes wrong. We take the  how, who, or how much it will take to fix it, out of the equation so you can spend more time with the people that matter most.  

Why HMP Tennessee?

Because we cover what insurance and warranties don't. Insurance and warranties cover certain parts, but never will cover maintenance. HMP Tennessee is there for you when you need it to count. We are the Home Maintenance Program for all of Tennessee.

Note: In Place Insurance, Warranties, and Manufacturer Guarantees are Primary. 

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Policy Holders Choice:10% of Every Policy goes to the charity of choice listed above